Our Services

  • Complementary Initial Consultation

    One hour consultation, where we discuss your questions, focus on understanding your high-level objectives, your current status, and potential work to assist you.

  • Migration to Shopify Platform

    We can help you migrate to Shopify from other platforms, more seamlessly. We will evaluate your initial needs, tech stack and create a plan for your move.

  • Design Evaluation and Performance Review

    If you are looking to revamp your site, find out what to improve, we can do a overall evaluation of your design site performance, customer journey and provide set of improvements and action plans to improve your overall buisiness performance.

  • GDPR and Data Privacy

    GDPR compliancy is a complex and daunting task for businesses. We evaluate your store , provide guidance and make sure it aligns with the latest data protection regulations, giving your customers peace of mind while enhancing your brand's credibility.

  • Localization and Internationalisation

    We will walk you through and localize your site for a new region, country and market. Including, tax and duty setup, local languages and currency set up. Target a new country with a localized website.

  • SEO and Branding

    Boost your online presence with our expert SEO and branding services. We offer rebranding, optimization, current status evaluation and performance.

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Complimentary Consultation session

Want to find out more about our services? Book a free consultation to discuss your needs.